SciFi Fish Tank Ornaments For Nerds

I am a nerd and very proud of it. I’ve always had a thing for science fiction. The appeal of traveling to the deep darkness of space and exploring uncharted territory has always had a great influence on my taste for movies and interests.

While I have been decorating aquariums for clients of mine to replicate scenes from Asia or underwater sunken ships or mermaids in Atlantis, my personal aquariums are all decorated with space ships and aliens from another planet. It’s actually pretty difficult to find tank ornaments of outer space and alien worlds. Honestly most of my own decor are non aquarium ornaments that I have carefully selected and prepared so that they would not have an adverse effect on my fish. But doing this without proper knowledge and the right preparation can kill the fish.

In this short guide, we’ll look at some of the yank ornaments that are sold today that will new sci-fi games transform your aquarium into that nerdy piece of art that you’ve always wanted.

UFOs And Aliens

There is one aquarium decoration on sale that I love and that I have in my tank. It is of a flying saucer that had crash landed on a small hill the craft is beautifully painted and detailed and the best part of all, it has a cave that the fish can go into. Apart from this flying saucer, there is also another one that is more colorful and hooks onto the outlet tube of your filter so that it moves along with the bubbles. The other one I also know of is a more earthly looking satellite which also moves with the water current.

For aliens, there are about a dozen or so cute looking colorful aliens with various number of arms, legs and tentacles. This make a great addition to your theme, especially if you are going for the colorful space ship.

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