Running a Mobile Car Wash in Tuscaloosa Alabama

Well, running a mobile car wash business or mobile detailing company in Tuscaloosa Alabama might sound like a really good idea, provided of course you’re not trying to clean cars in the middle of a tornado swarm. Luckily, the town has been cleaned up and rebuilt (for the most part), and folks are probably once again worried about how dirty their cars are, prior to that after that terrible natural disaster, they were probably a lot more concerned with other things than having their car cleaned.

Of all the cities in Alabama, and I’ve done business and quite a few overhttps://shinesdetailing.com.au/ the years, as before retirement I had franchised mobile car wash units and mobile detailing rigs in 23 states, I think Tuscaloosa Alabama is probably one of the best markets. There isn’t a lot of competition there, and the competition that is there is very professional and actually uplifts the industry, making it better for all participants. Plus, there is a good labor supply, and college kids.

Also in town is a giant Mercedes-Benz factory, which employs a good number of people with decent wages. It is also a draw for other automotive manufacturing companies that sell them parts and do business with them. Because Mercedes is a luxury brand, folks in Tuscaloosa are very concerned with keeping their cars very spiffy. Regardless of the regional demographics, it seems that everyone is into their automobiles there, which is great if you are in this business.

The city enforces their storm water regulations, but as long as you follow the rules, they will leave you alone. The Official City website in fact denotes that; “The City of Tuscaloosa is an active part of the Black Warrior Clean Water Partnership’s involvement with helping to protect the North River Watershed,” and they do require that you talk with the storm water folks to make sure that your operations do comply with the City’s NPDES prior to granting you a city business license, so you need to know that up front if you are considering a business of this type.

The Jim Burke Auto Mall might be a great place to start if you are considering starting a mobile car wash in Tuscaloosa. It’s located downtown and the following brands are represented there; Dodge, Chrysler, Jaguar, Hyundai, Nissan, Saab, and Subaru. There is also a huge industrial area at the airport with tons of businesses to clean cars at, plus trucking and distribution companies with very large fleets. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this if you are going to go for it in Tuscaloosa, AL.

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