Enjoy Some Deer Hunting in Alabama

In the State of https://ammoshopinc.com/product-category/rifle-ammo/6-5-grendel-ammo/  Alabama there are great opportunities for the whitetail deer hunter to have a successful catch.

Alabama offers hunting property managed for big bucks. Each season the ratio of bucks to does is increasing in these managed areas.

In Alabama you may choose either bow hunting or gun hunting when hunting deer.

Whitetail deer is the specialty in most lodges and farms. Some preserves have around 5,000 acres of property which are populated with plenty of deer for your hunting. However, you will find that the deer are elusive so be prepared for the challenge and to show your hunting skill.

If you are a beginner you might be interested in some of the winter classes offered at some of the farms where they train you in deer hunting in the woods of Alabama.

If you are looking for a prize buck then you will want to at least investigate the deer farms in Alabama because they feed their deer more than just the natural vegetation, in order to assure bucks with well developed antlers and bucks of large size.

The farms will have areas allocated for the trophy bucks and other areas for bagging small bucks and does.

Some nice Hunting Farms in Alabama are:

Cooks Family Farms
Evergreen, Alabama
5,000 Acres of Managed Hunting Land with over 40 Food Plots

Tatum Creek
Marion Junction, Alabama
Trophy Bucks Southern Style

Most managed areas will let you choose between self-assessed hunting and guided hunts.

You will find that the lodges in these areas of Alabama are nicer that some of the upscale hotels in the area. The food will be superb and the camaraderie will be great, giving one an opportunity to learn hunting tips and techniques from the other hunters staying at the lodge.

Here are a few nice Deer Hunting Lodges in Alabama:

Water Valley Lodge
Gilbertown, Alabama
Choctaw County
Hunt Whitetail Deer, Hogs, Predators and Varmints in the same hunt.

Blackbelt Hunting Lodge
Sardis, Alabama
Offers one of the finest whitetail deer hunting preserves in SE

Ace Hunting Lodge
Brantly, Alabama
Over 3,000 acres of privately owned hunting land

Kudzu is another food source that deer will latch onto until the first frost kills it off. Kudzu is a vine-like plant that is a member of the legume family.

To avoid detection by the deer, hang your tree stand 20 to 25 feet up in a tree. Not only are you out of sight, your scent is less detectable. The use of ‘deer scents’ can help disguise your human scent long enough to give you a shot.

Scout out your hunting area early in the year to avoid detection by the deer during hunting season. Once a deer smells a human then they will change their patterns. Some archery hunters have found that the morning hours are the best times for success.

Alabama Deer Hunts are seasonal. Deer season starts in mid-October for bow hunting (archery) and does not begin for gun deer hunting until late November. The exact dates are determined each year, so be sure and check with the Alabama Department of Wildlife before planning your hunting trip. In south Alabama you will find that the weather during deer hunting season can be very dry and hot.

For many the sport of deer hunting in Alabama is a way of life. For years, whitetail deer hunters have made Alabama a favorite hunting ground because it yields one of the most productive deer hunts in the country.


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