Cat’s Health – Very Important For A Long-Lasting And Joyful Life

When it comes to the health of your cat, let me start with the most important fact. What is right for you is also valid for your cat: KEEP THE ANNUAL CHECK-UP!

Regular Check-ups

At least once a year you should take your cat to the veterinarian for regular check-ups and vaccinations. If you don’t have a veterinarian, ask your local animal shelter, rescue group, or a pet-owning friend for a referral. Make sure your cat is always up-to-date on vaccination shots and in good general health.

While your cat is at the vet receiving its vaccine and booster shots, the vet also performs a physical examination of your cat and will ask you questions about overall health including changes you may have noticed. It is during this examination that potential problems can be picked up. So even if you decide to not vaccinate on an annual basis, please do take your cat for a check up.

During your visit, your veterinarian will perform a dental exam, weigh the cat, check skin and coat for the general condition and checks for lumps or bumps. The vet will also check ears and eyes, the heart and check the temperature. You should discuss any concerns you have regarding the well-being of your cat.
It is important to keep a careful eye on your cat & see your veterinarian if you notice any problems.

There are certainly ways to ensure your cat stays healthy for as long as possible. Feeding a good quality, nutritious diet; checking the teeth and gums regularly; maintaining proper parasite control; always keep a close eye on your cat’s general well-being. Seek veterinary advice as soon as you maine coon kittens for sale near me notice changes. Not only would these include obvious signs of sickness such as injury etc., but also indicators such as change in eating or litter box habit, unkempt coat, general lethargy, change in behavior. The last point, as for us humans, don’t let your furry friend get too heavy. An overweight cat can suffer healthy problems due the weight problem. Make sure the cat stays active.

After we have talked about the annual check-up, there are some important points for taking care of your ‘s health.


The fur of the healthy cat is smooth and shining. Cats clean themselves very thoroughly, therefore, a deterioration of the quality of the fur points eventually to an illness. Regular brushing is recommended, in particular with long-haired cats. Otherwise the hair can build knots or bundles which, in the extreme situation, can only be removed by shaving. If the cat swallows too much hair, it can cause hair-balls. Then the cat vomits to get rid of it. The food has a big influence on the beauty of the fur. Well-balanced full food makes the fur of your cats even smoother and more shining.


The tears moistening the eye and run off by a small canal between eye and nose: the tear nasal passage. With flat-nosing cats (like the Persians) the tears do not run off so well and, due to their flat nose the cat’s eyes constantly “weep”, or if the fur around them appears “stained”, the cat may suffer from this inherited defect, in which a malformation of the tear ducts blocks the normal flow of tears.. The brownish stains can be dabbed with dry cotton.

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the membrane that covers both the inner lining of the eyelid and the white of the eye. It may be caused by allergies or by bacterial, fungal or viral infections. You should consult a veterinarian immediately, as a recurrent or chronic conjunctivitis can be the result of herpes viral infections, which can be contagious to other cats.


As with us humans, tartar build-up on the teeth is a sign of periodontal disease, which can cause inflammation of the gums, constant bad breath and even dental failure. If not treated immediately it can get worse to a progressive and painful disease that will slowly break down the tooth structure, called resorptive lesions. The key to healthy feline teeth is regular at home and professional cleaning but many well-meaning pet owners don’t know how important this is. In worst cases, the veterinarian can remove the tartar under general anesthesia. The process starts when they’re kittens, with pet owners using a finger cot or gauze and toothpaste made specifically for them. Dental care is essential if you want to protect the teeth and health of your cat. Dry food plus some special dental dry food, e.g. Dentabites from Whiskas or Dental Fresh from Seargant’s, can prevent the tartar build-up effectively. Constant check of your cat’s mouth can prevent a very painful problem for your feline friend.

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