Baseball Handicapper – It’s Candy Time

You’ve all heard the saying “It’s like taking candy from a baby.” Well baseball season is the handicappers dream. Multiply 30 teams x 165 games and you have the makings of a serious bank account. More money has been made on baseball that a good baseball handicapper is really worth more than their weight in gold. But because there are so many games to wager on be sports handicapper picks careful with your money and don’t be a pig. It’s a long season and these sports betting advice tips will help you be more profitable.

Be careful playing the money line in baseball. The shrewd baseball handicapper realizes that playing 3 favorites at -$150 (bet $150 to win 100) means that you must hit 2 winners just to make a $50 profit. Just remember that playing heavy favorites can be detrimental to your bankroll.
Did you ever notice that some teams always produce runs for certain pitches? Be sure to look at those trends. Always pay attention to the top pitcher on an average team that opposes the opposing team’s ace pitcher. This is another “Ace” in the hole for a good baseball handicapper.
Can you really take advantage of a team on a winning streak (or losing streak)? Absolutely! What you are looking for is that team that is on a streak and at good odds. Ride the wave until they lose only one game. Then you’re done. 
Look past the starting pitcher for “today’s” game and look at the bullpen. Complete games are few and far between nowadays. Closers have become huge assets in modern ball and must be taken into consideration when handicapping baseball. Remember, the lines are based on the starting pitcher, but with a bullpen pitching nearly a third of a game be sure to play against an overworked pen and conversely play with a rested bullpen. 
Be sure to shop lines and ALWAYS stay away from the big network games, unless you have the ability to see a solid line change that has been swayed by the uneducated public. The public loses 90% or more. 
You’ve heard it said that “patience is a virtue” and so it goes with the baseball season. The patient baseball handicapper is an informed and profitable handicapper. It’s a very long season, lots of statistics to evaluate and multiple opportunities will jump right into your lap. Manage your bankroll and plays properly and you will be one happy camper come playoff time. With this sport betting advice it’s time to open the candy shop.

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