B5310 Genio Pro Name Change – Samsung Genio Slide For Vodafone Exclusive

The new Samsung Genio Slide may sound like a new model from the Genio series but it has actually been referred to by other names throughout its manufacture, known mostly as the Samsung Genio Pro this new slide-out Qwerty keyboard phone is also known as the Corby Pro.

Samsung Genio Slide is the name given to this new Samsung phone for its exclusive launch on Vodafone, the network has a one month exclusive period to sell this latest model from the Genio range before it will be picked up by the other network operators. samsung au7700

The one factur that has not changed throughout this name changing saga is the model number, the phone is still known as the Samsung B5310 regardless of the different name incarnations, it is the third release from the popular and fashionable Genio range which also boasts the Samsung Genio Touch and Qwerty editions.

The unique factor that all three models posses is the ability to change and personalise the back covers, this was once common practice for the majority of manufacturers but was slowly fased out of late, it is nice to see this trend once returning giving the consumer the facility to change the colour of their phone to match their mood or outfit.

The colours of the back panels on offer which are known as ‘fashion Jackets’ include Orange, Pink, White, Black and Yellow – all vibrant and youthful colour schemes which is exactly who the Samsung Genio range is aimed at.

The Samsung Genio Slide is the most advanced of the three models, not only does it incorporate a full slide out Qwerty keyboard for fast text input but also WiFi and HSDPA for fast internet downloads and surfing on the go.

The Genio Slide also offers a better camera than the Samsung Genio Qwerty and Touch models at 3.2 mega pixels, there is also an expandable memory, multimedia player and a 3.5mm audio jack allowing you to use your own standard headphones rather than those in the packaging.

The new Samsung Genio Slide is very much a social networking focused handset, with support for the top websites you can easily update your status and keep up to date with all of your friends as well as upload pictures directly from your phone.

Offering a 3 inch touch screen alongside its keyboard makes for a great user experience, the TouchWiz version of Samsung’s user interface has been tweaked for the Genio range to give a funky look and feel as you zip through the menus and applications.

Other recent Samsung phones that incorporate both a touch screen and Qwerty keyboard include the Samsung B3310, Samsung B3410 and Samsung Omnia Pro, competitors include the newly launched LG InTouch Max GW620 and Motorola Milestone which are Android powered phones, the Nokia 6760 Slide and Nokia N97 Mini.

Although initially a Vodafone exclusive the new Samsung Genio Slide is set for further network launches as soon as the limited exclusive period has ended, there is also a planned release of the Genio SLide on Vodafone Pay As You Go as well as a SIM Free phone over the coming days.


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