Article Writing Sites – How to Create and Make Money From an Article Writing Site

If you are a freelance writer/ghostwriter, more article writing projects would mean more money for your pockets. You can attract more people to do business with you (mostly ebusiness owners, ezine publishers, affiliate marketers, etc.) by creating and marketing your own article writing site. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Pick a memorable domain name. Start the process by getting a memorable name for your website. It must be something that promotes reddit essay writing service easy recall and would tell your potential clients what kind of service you offer right away. Of course, the words “article” and “writing” must be included in your domain name as these are most likely the keywords that your target market will use on search engines when they need article writing services.

2. Make it informative. It’s important that your website speak volumes about your expertise so you can easily earn the trust of your prospective buyers. Ensure that it contain solid information about article writing. Perhaps, you can include the importance of articles in driving traffic to one’s website.

3. Promote your site. Drive more interested people to your website by aggressively promoting it in the online arena. If you want to get free exposure, I would highly recommend articles marketing, blogging, and ezine publishing. Since you have great writing skills, you’ll surely find these marketing tools very easy to use. You also have the option of using search engine marketing, video marketing, search engine marketing, etc.

4. Connect to your prospective buyers. If you’d rather be more aggressive in building instant communication with your prospective clients, you can sink your teeth into telemarketing and email marketing.


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